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How reliable is your service?

Our service is very reliable and we endeavor to achieve 99.9% up time.

Our reliable Linux servers contain dual RAID hard disks so that in the unlikely event one should fail we can get it back up with the minimum of down time and no data loss.

During times when we upgrade the our software and servers, we try to keep down time to a minimum.

Survey data and responses are backed up daily, so that in the event of a complete failure up to 24 hours data will be lost.

In unlikely scenario of a complete failure of service we will endeavor to give you access to your data within 24 hours.

More information about our hosting center.

Security and availability are always considered of highest priority. The data center has passed ISO 27001 audit by the German technical control board. It proves the Internet service provider’s excellent IT security, data protection and availability.

The data center also feature:

  • Uninterruptible  Power Supply (UPS) backed up by batteries
  • Diesel generators for up to one week of continuous service
  • Laser fire detectors and advanced gas sprinkler system
  • Secret location of data centers
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