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Survey management area

The following information and operations are available in the members area:

Edit  To begin editing your survey click the edit icon. For further information see Survey Editor
Settings See Settings for further information.
Preview  Preview mode allows you to view your survey outside of the survey editor.

View a report of the responses that you have collected.

Filters may be added to reduce your results set. See Results Overview for more information.


Create an exact duplicate of your survey, without the responses.

This can be used if you wish to create a survey template or backup copy of your survey.

Share Share your survey with other eSurv.org users.
Launch  Once you have created a survey and tested it with the preview function you are then ready to launch your survey. The launch function allows you to create links to your survey that you may then include in websites, blogs, FaceBook, forums. An email facility is also provided, here you may send out individually tracked email invitations. See Launch Survey for more information.
Export The export function enables you to export your survey in either PDF or DOC format.


This function will remove the survey, questions and responses.

Once you have deleted your survey it can not be recovered!


This function will clear all responses for this survey.

Once you have clearer your responses they can not be recovered.

- Status

Survey status can be clicked to open the survey settings area where you may switch your survey between open and closed states. 


Responses are allowed

Closed Responses are not allowed.
Expired The survey has passed the end date that is specified in the survey settings area.
Pending The survey will open at the date specified in the survey settings.
- Response  This is a count of the total number of complete and incomplete responses for this survey.
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