Import contacts from Outlook

Contacts can be easily exported from Microsoft Outlook. 
Once exported a little work is required to enable #SITE_NAME# to import it.

To export contacts from outlook follow the following process:

Select File ->Import and Export

Select Export to a file

Select Comma Separated Values (Windows)

Select Contacts

The next dialogue will ask you to save to a file.

Once you have exported your contacts you will need to open the file in your spreadsheet.

Rearrange the columns so that they are in the following order
Email, First Name, Last Name, Custom , Custom
*Custom columns can be used to further group participants and customize emails

Delete any excess columns

Ensure that the file is saved in the CSV format.

Your contacts are now ready to import into #SITE_NAME#.

To import the contacts into #SITE_NAME# open the CSV file with a text editor such as Notepad and copy the contents.
Paste the contents into Add Contacts section of Emails Lists Editor.