About eSurv

eSurv provides a tool for conducting online surveys. We have designed eSurv to be easy to use for all.

eSurv is free for all. There are no limitations, restrictions or upgrade plans. Support is by email and is also free.

Why free? The eSurv project was founded in 2012 using the survs open source survey platform to create a free hosted survey tool for students and researchers.

Worried about the security of your data or data loss? Don't be! Our database cannot be accessed externally and is only available throught the eSurv GUI. All data is mirrored so that data loss cannot occur.

Apprehensive? Don't worry, eSurv is based on a free and open source survey platform and funded by leading research institutions.

This tool is currently funded by:

If your institution would like to contribute towards this project, then please contact us.

This service is fully featured and 100% free.

Everything you need to create and deploy questionnaires, surveys and forms.